Average Salary with a Master of Library Science Degree

Earning your master’s degree in library science prepares you to work in the information and reference field as a librarian, so you can help users find the references they need and keep archives organized. Many librarian jobs actually require you to have at least a master’s degree, so going back to school makes sense if you want to qualify for better jobs that come attached to higher salaries. But just what can you expect to earn once you have you master of library science?

Librarian Salary

The amount you can expect to earn as a librarian depends on a number of factors, least of which is not your job title. With a master of library science, you can consider many different types of librarian jobs, working as everything from a typical public library worker to being the director of a medical library at a hospital. Here are just a few of the more popular library-related jobs, along with the salary range you can expect, according to Payscale.com:

  • Librarian $39,799 – $50,868
  • Reference Librarian $39,659 – $55,008
  • Medical Librarian $34,286 – $55,631
  • Librarian, Special Library $35,608 – $63,871
  • Head Librarian $49,735 – $68,227
  • Library Director $48,000 – $99,526

You can also go back to school to get a degree in education and earn your teaching certification. This allows you to work at a school or college, helping students or even teaching classes. In addition, you can also go on to get a doctorate degree in this field or a related field, which will help you qualify for the top positions in the library industry.

Other Factors that Effect Librarian Salary

Getting your master’s degree in library science is just one of the ways to increase your salary if you want to work in this field. Other factors that can lead to a raise in your salary include moving to a higher-paying location, gaining experience by working in the field, and taking on a leadership position. Certain employers also pay better than others. For example, you’ll typically make more money working for a private college than you will working for a community public library system or school library. At some libraries, you can also head committees and take on extra tasks, which can lead to an increase in salary. For instance, some libraries sponsor after school programs or summer reading programs for students.

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