How to Find Library-Quality Resources Online

Written by admin at 11:57:am on 1st July, 2010

While you are searching for a website that is a quality website, then you should train your eyes and your fingers to implement a number of techniques like as to what you want to know about the web pages as in quick and fast possible manner.  Next, you need to train your mind to think critically by asking a series of questions whether to believe about the quality of a web page. However, looking for a URL you need to ponder your mind and skill on the following ideas and thoughts like:

  • What you learn from the Url?: With it you can try to get answers to the questions like whether it is a persona page.  Look for server as a commercial ISP or being a sub-domain of a website.  Look what sort of domain  it is whether it is a government site, educational site, nonprofit organization or it has country codes like .us, .uk etc.
  • Look for Perimeter of the Page: On the pages of the website look for links that say “About us,” “Philosophy,” “Background,” “Biography”, etc. Further you look out who has written the page. There you should look for the author, the name of the organization, institution, agency, or whatever who is responsible for the page. Next about the info you should search out and look for is the recent date when the info is published on the website. More looking for the date tells that whether author still has any interest onto the page. Next important issue to look at the page is the author’s credentials on the subject like background information and education whether a person is there   qualified to write on the topic.
  • What Do Others Say: Use different tool as to have opinion and credibility of the page or url. One such tool is More you can do link search in Google, Yahoo and another search engines. Look out for the title or publisher of the page in a reputable directory, where contents are evaluated. For a credible info about the author do Google Search of author’s name in Google or Yahoo.

Finally, there lies logic for this extensive exercise to search out for a credible link. As World Wide Web is a great place to do search on many topics and issues. The great ability that has been bring forth by internet is capacity to express themselves, find one another, exchange ideas, discover possible peers worldwide otherwise has not met.  But still there is logic to search information on internet in credible manner. Most pages found in general search engines for the web are self-published or published by businesses small and large with motives to get you to buy something or believe a point of view. So when  in internet you get something serious then question it cultivate the habit of healthy skepticism, of questioning everything you find with critical thinking.

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