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Written by admin at 10:41:am on 21st April, 2010

Most universities have started offering online programs for library science at different levels. Master of Library Science can be completely obtained online with the advantage of career promotion at your convenience and with an independent education environment.

There are many specializations of Master of library Science available online. Archival studies are recommended for those with careers in special, public and digital librarianship with prospects of working in government agencies, libraries, historical society’s museums and religious institutions. Competitive intelligence and knowledge management focuses on the management of information and knowledge of different organizational environment while school library media is designed for those wishing to work in libraries of both private and public schools. Youth services focuses on planning library careers in regards to the youth.

Online Master of Library science is characterized by an innovative curriculum and highly interactive methods that will challenge the learners and an easy to access learning resources, lecture notes and library services and to easily submit assignments through bulletin boards and emails and engage in discussions with other learners to enhance their learning experience. The programs and the provider should be accredited by the American Library Association and other regional or national organization. Student and faculty support should be easy to access and use.

Just like traditional Master of Library Science Programs, it focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills needed to develop manage, store and facilitate the use of local or remote information in different formats such as audio, print and electronic. Some online programs offered by campus based universities may require the students to avail themselves for a few days at the start of the academic year. But unlike them they can be personalized to meet with the needs of the student and come with a varied program options such as credits and shorter modules to offer convenience.

Most universities offer both concentration and no-concentration options for its students therefore it is important to find out the program information before enrolling for online programs. Select the ones that offer the program that best suits your needs in terms of time and course work though most course works consist of 15 courses with 36 hours of credits. With online Master of Library Science degree, an individual can obtain successful careers as traditional librarians, web developers, internet content managers, library technicians’ digital librarians and library directors among others.

Some of the Universities that offer the Master of Library Science online include Drexcel University, Clarion University, Florida State University, University of South Mississippi and University of Tennessee/ Knoxville. They are fully accredited by American Library Association and other accreditation organizations and they offer variety of courses and common ones include School Library Media and courses on information and knowledge.

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